Friday, March 6, 2015

Seeing the Truth

I read this fascinating article the other day about a writer’s experience with a con man/murderer and how he heard the wrong notes of the story but ignored them, and then felt so betrayed at the end, when the truth came to light. 

I remember doing a reading some time ago with a young woman, in her early twenties, talking about life and job choices,  the usual questions. But when she asked about her future she drew these cards –

I suppose I could have lied and made up some story but the cards made no sense to me in the context we had been talking about,  and I said as much to her.  I described them in detail – addictive/negative patterns, a dominating, controlling man/situation, a strong sense of being trapped, but if she was willing to see clearly she could find a way out. 

And then she told me that she had lied to me, she was not a student,  but rather a call girl,  and those cards described how she was feeling perfectly.  I had not suspected her of lying, I had no cause to, but the cards… they see the truth even when I don’t. 

After that truth was revealed, the reading became far more productive.  
I was reminded of this when I saw this other piece in the New York times -  Chicago University is asking us if we can spot the liar through body language…   Can you?

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