Monday, May 16, 2011

How to use this blog

Every so often, as more new people come to my blog, I want to retell how and why it was created. My intention was to go through every single card in the tarot, all 78 of them, and give my spin on them. It took me two years and earlier this year I had finally completed it! I’m very happy with the images I’ve collected and the stories I’ve told. If you want to find a particular card, just type in its name in the top left hand box on this page, and it will turn up!

After you do a reading with me, I often send links to the cards that appeared in your reading, to help remind you and give you a chance to look at them again. What I say to you in your reading is often more personal and idiosyncratic than the general interpretations in the blog, but hopefully they help remind you of our discussion.

It’s also my chance to show people that I am serious and educated in the tarot. Our readings often have laughter in them, but the underlying intention is to use the tarot to see where you are putting your energy, and see if it is giving you the results that you want. That’s the entire hour reading in a nutshell.

I have very few bookings left in July and am starting to book in August right now. I love reading the tarot, because I meet people and talk to them about what is important to them, and we help each other see things in a new way.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lots of 6’s

What does it mean if you draw many 6's in your reading?

After the struggles of the 5’s, harmony and equilibrium is restored with the 6’s. If your reading has many 6’s it means insight and solutions to problems. 6 of wands is victory itself, 6 of cups is nostalgia/ gifts from childhood, 6 of swords is moving on (with sorrow, but still, it’s better than being stuck!) and 6 of pentacles is an attempt to balance inequity. (which is actually a very nice reading of it, I usually see it as something harsher)

As the 6 connects to the Lovers card, it’s easy to see that a choice is made, a balance is found. So lots of 6’s are a welcome energy, showing that good things are coming ones way, and struggles are receding.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Whenever I read for someone with a tattoo, I always ask them what it means for them. I’m fascinated by tattoos, by the idea of putting something indelibly on your flesh and carrying it for the rest of your life.

One of the waiters at Kitchenette, a charming restaurant where I often do readings, had the 3 of swords tattooed on his arm, (I should have photographed it at the time!) and I said to him that’s a hard card to carry and he said it reminded him of a hard lesson and a mistake he won’t make again. Sometimes a way to let the pain go is to honor it… Personally I would rather have the Empress on my arm!

So I was thinking what would I get tattooed? I often think of getting ‘in the end, only kindness matters’ on the nape of my neck.

What would you get tattooed?

While looking for the best images, I came across
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