Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lots of 6’s

What does it mean if you draw many 6's in your reading?

After the struggles of the 5’s, harmony and equilibrium is restored with the 6’s. If your reading has many 6’s it means insight and solutions to problems. 6 of wands is victory itself, 6 of cups is nostalgia/ gifts from childhood, 6 of swords is moving on (with sorrow, but still, it’s better than being stuck!) and 6 of pentacles is an attempt to balance inequity. (which is actually a very nice reading of it, I usually see it as something harsher)

As the 6 connects to the Lovers card, it’s easy to see that a choice is made, a balance is found. So lots of 6’s are a welcome energy, showing that good things are coming ones way, and struggles are receding.

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