Thursday, November 19, 2015

Should I sit in on my friends tarot reading?

Sometimes people contact me and want two readings together.  Then they ask if they should sit in on each other's readings. 

My standard response is if you are very good friends,  then it is better to have your friend sit in on yours (and you sit in on theirs) because you can talk about it afterwards and remember things for each other.  But if you have any secrets or things you don't anyone else to know, then you shouldn't have anyone sit in on the reading, friend or not,  because I can guarantee that the cards will bring it up.  

So acquaintances or work friends,  no,  especially if you are thinking of changing jobs and haven't told them yet!  But best friends,  yes,  because you'll have so much more things to talk about afterwards!

I also encourage everyone to record their tarot readings, as we go through so much it can be hard to take it all in,  and afterwards you can listen to the recording in peace and quiet and hear it once more.  And if you don't want to listen to it again,  then you can just delete it off your phone - so it's a no lose proposition.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

New Bad Habit

Twice this week I've replied to  emails as soon as I received them,  and then for some reason didn't press send and they went into my drafts folder.  So I smugly think I'm on top of things and am clearly not!  Even the best technology in the world won't work if you don't use it properly.  Well,  now that I am aware of it,  I'm more careful and hopefully won't do that bad trick again!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Pages and Queens

One of the things I often say in readings is that you are not leaking this information out,  if I were sitting next to you in the subway,  I wouldn't know this about you.  Sometimes the cards are so searing in their observations, people want to make sure that their secrets stay secret!

I did a reading for a woman a while ago (I'm never clear on time, to protect people who might send their friends to this site!)  who was smart,  snarky and tough - just how I like them! But she wasn't drawing any queens,  all her cards were pages.  We discussed this,  she's 36, and should have Queens but she feels that she isn't as established as the other women she knows - she's not flying at work,  merely doing well,  and she's not married or close to it,  and when she asked about children,  the cards said too far away to see.  And that's why she didn't have Queens,  although she had a queenly energy about her.

I said it was time to listen to her intuition more. Stop dating men she knew were not long term potential,  stop listening to so called friends who subtly belittled her,  start listening to her inner voice more.  She had to stop waiting for her ex to return to her - he brought another woman to her birthday party,  she had to take note of that action and accept what it was revealing. She knew could be a Queen but she just wasn't acting like one,  and the cards showed that. 

She sighed and said that the reading had been tough but true,  she was acting like a page and getting those results.  It was time to act like a woman and then start drawing Queen cards.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cold Readings

I read this interesting article recently where the photographer's conceptions of the person they were photographing completely influenced the photos they took - at the end we have 6 great images,  very different from each other,  and it started me thinking about cold readings.

I start every reading with a cold reading - that is,  when I don't know anything about you or your situation and just tell you what the cards tell me.  I love the cold readings,  that's where the magic happens. 

You shuffle 78 pieces of cardboard and then I can tell you some really pertinent things about your life.  Sometimes it just blows people away (wow,  that's exactly what's going on!) sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to get what the cards are trying to tell us.  But I always try to make the reading truly 'cold' and don't let you tell me anything about your situation until I've seen the cards,  so you can get the sense of revelation too.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I have a group of regulars,  people I've read for a few times, who come in once every six months or so to see what's going on.  Some of them have since moved from NYC and I read for them via Skype or Face Time.  Some come around their birthdays,  some as the seasons change. 

This week I had two regulars come to tell me how well their lives are going.  One got the new job we were expecting him to get,  and came to tell me that all his predicted outcomes are happening and how happy he was.  The other came to tell me how life has been since the arrival of her second child,  and how much easier it is this time around.  Neither had any serious questions,  they just wanted to touch base and keep me in the loop. 

I was very touched!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Instant Karma

We have a Havanese dog who grow from a tiny 6 pounds to a massive 14 pounds (the average adult is between 8 - 12 pounds)  I have a dog carrier from his puppy days which was sitting in my apartment,  too good to throw away,  but too small for him to use.  

Today,  I took it to my local dog park and offered it to anyone who wanted it.  A small puppy crawled into it and promptly curled up and went to sleep,  and the happy dog owner took her home in it. 

Someone with a bigger dog told me they had a carrier that was bigger but too small for their dog. They walked across to their apartment to collect it. I got a new carrier, frankly better than the one I gave away, which is big enough for Charlie on his subway rides. 

 Instant Karma. Very nice.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


I usually write a post a week and then somehow September slipped by with only one tarot blog post.  I was really not happy about this and began to tell myself off.   I’m a list girl, and started putting my list – ‘write tarot blog’ bumping it higher and higher, and then WRITE TAROT BLOG in caps and colors.  Late at night as I fell asleep, at least 10 good tarot ideas floated through my brain and I went to sleep comforted by the thought that tomorrow I would write a good tarot blog piece.  And yet, and yet…

Today I woke up and said to myself that I have to write a piece about procrastination.  And all of a sudden here I am, typing away.   Sometimes we don’t act in our own best self-interest, sometimes we can’t make ourselves to what we want/need to do. But if we address it, then we can start to find the answers.

The lesson here to deal with what is real for you at the moment, and then the energy flows…