Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Preparedness and Luck II – Life Lessons

So I wrote about Preparedness and Luck and realized something was missing from it. Sometimes we decide we want or need something and life doesn't give it to us.  It can be the extreme – I want an Oscar and a movie star career – or completely ordinary – I want a baby.  Whatever it is, the desire is heartfelt and true, but the reality doesn't come. 

Now we have to ask ourselves, why are we not getting what we so desire? The baby is actually a better example than the Oscar and fame – actually very few people get Oscars and fame, but the vast majority can have babies, if they want.  So if that is your wish, why can’t you have it?  

Ariel Brearly,  Eve Interrupted
Then you have to ask the difficult questions – what is the life lesson I am expected to learn here?  I have preparedness but luck isn't coming to me, there is something I need to learn.  It will be a struggle to learn,  because most life lessons are.  But whether it is acceptance or dealing with control issues, or even that you are not with the right person, (this is not to imply by any means that this is your particular story, these are just random examples) or whatever lesson that you need to learn around this area, the issue will not resolve, the luck will not come, until the lesson is learnt.  
Shuranda Ann Kumara,  Compassion Hug
But it also means, once the lesson is learnt, that particular issue goes away, and your energy starts to flow the way you want it to again,  until the next life lesson emerges. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Preparedness and Luck

Some people who come to see me are struggling with aspects of their life, wondering about the possibility of the American dream. They thought if they work hard and try and be good people, good things should happen to them.  I believe that too, but I’ve also come to see the huge role that random luck plays. 

Carol Gearing,  Panshema

I now believe that you have to work hard and be good people, but sometimes you are lucky, and this hard work is rewarded, but sometimes you are unlucky, and you don’t get the rewards your work and energy deserves. 

Tarot reads energy and it can see when luck is coming your way,  and in what field (lucky in love,  in work,  with money…)  Sometimes luck just falls into your lap, but the odd thing is, if you are not prepared for it, then it will just slip out again. I am reminded of the saying, ‘Fortune favors the prepared’. So we have to prepare, and be ready, so that if/when the luck comes, we can work with it.  Preparedness does not guarantee success, but it does guarantee that when the random things fall our way, we can work and build on it.   

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ephemeral Art

When I was much younger I came across an article about a group of people who made ephemeral art – art that took a day to make – perhaps patterns on the sand at a beach – and then was washed away,  like it had never been.  (a great current example is the work of Jim Denevan

At the time,  I was baffled.  Who would want to spend a day doing something spectacular and beautiful only to have it wash away?  This article was so old, it was before the internet; you couldn’t even get viral pictures of it! 

But I’m older now and I can see it as the perfect metaphor that it is – life is ephemeral art, we are here so briefly, and our task is to make something beautiful, even though it may not last, even though we may not finish it.  The doing matters as much as the completion.  Now there is something about ephemeral art that moves me to tears.    And of course now we have the internet, so we can share these images, let others see the beauty, and hold on to the ephemeral a little longer… 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

So Happy!!

I've had this blog for 5 years now and really loved creating it.  This January something weird happened and I couldn't put pictures up any more.  I wrote text but without images if just felt flat to me.  I tried everything I could,  but still,  it didn't work.   Today my husband tried a new approach and voila - pictures!

I'm so happy,  because I was feeling despondent that I couldn't put up the blog pieces that I wanted.  I've been dreaming of writing blogs and then the lack of pictures would just pull me down. And then I thought about changing blog servers and somehow taking all this information with me, and that was just too hard.   But now I know it works again.  Prepare yourself for lots of new pieces!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A life with out...

Like most people I was very sad to hear of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death. For a 46 year old,  with children and a stable relationship and a hugely successful career, the thought that drugs could mean more to him than family,  fame,  fortune,  it boggles the mind.   Russell Brand, a comedian and writer in the UK (known mainly in the US for having briefly married Katy Perry) wrote this really moving piece about addiction,  and his feelings, despite being 10 years clean,  that it really is a day at a time.

Recovery from anything - addiction, death of a loved one, the loss of the future you planned for yourself -  can be brutally hard and often involves relapses (that's my years as an addiction counselor speaking.)  But by slogging it out,  one simple, single day at a time,  recovery can build,  and then feel firmer. 

I spoke to a client the other day who was battling with being bipolar. She said she would feel better and then think she no longer needed her medication and then stop taking it and spiral out of control.  Recovery is sometimes understanding our limitations as well as our strengths,  and staying on course,  even though we think we might not need it any more. 

My best wishes to Philip's family,  and Amy Whitehouses' family,  and your family,  if this is an issue you are dealing with,  and my blessing,  to take it one day at a time, and let the time grow.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A New Year is here again

I know New Years are kind of arbitrary - there are Chinese and Jewish New Years,  the whole counting system used in the Southern Hemisphere is based on a system developed in the Northern hemisphere...  and yet still,  they do something to me.  

I feel energized and hopeful,  like a line has been drawn and a new chapter can begin.  It's not that 2013 was bad,  because it wasn't,  rather by the end of the year I often find myself sticky with things not done,  opportunities not taken.  And then you stop even wanting to take them,  it feels too hard. But as the year starts again,  the feeling of resilience and luck starts again too,  and some of those opportunities and wishes seem possible once more.  And of course,  the more you think something is possible,  the more you are likely to do it!

So here is my New Year's wish for you - think of a possible goal,  and give is some energy,  and then see how far you can take it...

Technical difficulties are mean I can't put photos up.  I'll put this up and see if I can't fix the photo problem soon!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Science of it all

I had a reading with a young man recently and I started with my usual question – have you had a tarot reading before and he said over a hundred. Well, that’s a lot of readings!  At the end of the reading he said that one of the reasons he went to so many psychics was that he was studying physics and was interested in the science of psychic phenomena.  So I gave him my blood transfusion example, and I realize that it’s in an old blog so I’m reprinting it here.  This is longer than my usual blog posts, so hang in there!

My prediction for psychic phenomena –

Let’s go back in history for a minute. People always saw blood and had theories about blood, but until much later than you would think
(1900) they did not know about blood groups. The rudimentary tools for blood transfusion were around in the 1700’s and the first human to human transfusion was recorded in 1818.

When doctors first had the technology, they tried blood transfusions from strong animals to sick humans or from strong people to weak.  Unsurprisingly, most humans died, even after a transfusion, though more mysteriously for the doctors at the time, some did not, and in fact got better…  Because the doctors didn’t know about blood groups, they couldn’t make sense of their results. Indeed early transfusions were from animals to humans (and why not, we eat and digest animals, there was no obvious reason why we wouldn’t be able to take their blood directly) but of course most of the humans died, and those transfusions were soon banned throughout Europe.

So my prediction for the years 3010 – so grateful if someone could keep this alive in the internet for that long for me to be vindicated – my prediction is that there will be a strong and solid science for psychic phenomena, and they will have a reasonable explanation as to why sometimes studies worked and sometimes they didn’t.

Perhaps, like blood types, there are psychic groups, and some groups enhance each other and some negate each other and the types of people who become scientists fall more into the group A mental abilities, and the types of people who work on their psychic abilities are group B and Group A and Group B negate each other…

There have been studies on prayer and bacteria. I’m wary of the word prayer and would prefer a study of meditation or focused thoughts and bacteria. However, it has been shown that bacteria that is focused upon by human brains grow better. Yeast seeds focused upon grow better, Yeast seeds with negative thoughts, grew worse than the control group (yeast seeds which were ignored.) We get lost in the idea of prayer but I’m interested in what the human brain is doing here, what signals it is giving out, and how it is impacting on the world.

There are many, repeated studies, showing that meditation (focused thought) has a real, measurable impact on blood pressure, heart attacks, anxiety (which seems like cheating, because that’s a mental issue to begin with, but it has physical symptoms which meditation can allay) What we think about these automatic systems in our body, can affect those normally unconscious processes.

All of which brings me back to Tarot. The theory of Tarot is that while shuffling the cards, the person imbues their energy into them. That energy then affects which card goes where, and then when you read the cards, you see what is going on in that person’s energy.

Doesn’t sound like it makes too much sense, does it? And yet, time and again, I see it. I see people with money worries draw only money cards; people with relationship issues draw cards exactly about their particular relationship. A woman came and saw me and I said, your house card is in disarray and your lover’s card is upside down. And she said, she had just moved, because her husband had an affair and the divorce was just finalized. I promise you that I don’t say that to every person who comes for a reading! Each time the cards fall into a different pattern, and that pattern reveals something true and real about what is going on in that person’s life. I don’t have the science to explain it, but then again, I don’t need it. I can see the reality in front of me.