Monday, January 31, 2011


As you read the cards, you realize it’s not the individual cards that count so much, it’s the pattern that appears – all major arcana? Something major is going on! All knights and no kings? All wands and no pentacles? All these mean something. I can’t tell you how often (and off the probability charts) Death is accompanied by either Judgment or the Wheel of Fortune.

Another aspect that has real meaning is the numbers. How many aces, how many twos etc are in your reading. Each number – Ace to 10, has a counterpart in the major arcana. For the next while I’m going to explore not the suit, but the number of the cards, and the implication that has…

Sometimes I come across someone who has said it so much better than I ever did – so here I am quoting Aeclectic Tarot Constellations: Tarot constellations are defined as all cards that carry the same prime number (prime numbers being the numbers one through nine). For the number four, the Tarot constellations would be the number Four card from each of the suits, the Emperor (which carries the number four), and Death (which carries the number thirteen, and reduces to the number four (1+3=4) ).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learning from my clients

I love the cards! I mean, people come to me, and shuffle some cardboard and expect to learn something about their lives, so they aren't so surprised when I'm accurate, but I'm constantly amazed at how much those cards tell me.

But I don't only give information, I also learn from my clients. Today I was speaking to this very nice man who is looking for more purpose in his life and we deduced that what he needs is to be: centered, purposeful, kind. And then I said to him I want that mantra! I want to be centered, purposeful, kind. What a gift, to hear the word you want to define your life. I grateful to him and I will continue to work towards that goal.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Every card accounted for

Feel so happy that I have finally gone through all 78 cards, and finished my first pass at the Tarot pack. Of course, there is always more to write - don't worry, the blog will continue - but I feel a real sense of accomplishment that this has been completed.

Monday, January 17, 2011

King of Pentacles:

The King of Pentacles is a loyal, trustworthy, stable, wealthy man. I call him ideal husband material. He may not have the flash and fire of the king of wands or the empathy and charm of the King of cups, but he is there when you need him, he is reliable and resourceful, and ultimately that counts for a lot!

When we are younger, his steadiness and pragmatism can appear a bit boring. He is not going to be the funniest guy in the room or the one who approaches you first at a club. But he is going to be the one who follows through on his word, if he says he will call, he does. He is the most paternal of the King cards, and wants kids.

He is often referred to as a farmer, who knows how to grow and sustain his fields with his competence and hard work and then live a good life, within his means. He’s a very comforting, comfortable man to make a home with.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Queen of Pentacles

In my mind, the Queen of Pentacles is the sort of woman who likes to welcome people into her home and feed them really good soup. She’s nurturing but also pragmatic, down to earth and resourceful, but also warm and good humored. She’s a kind of earth mother: abundant and fertile.

Of all the Queens, she is the most interested in the home, hearth and motherhood. She is of the pentacles, so she’s good with money/finances, she enjoys luxury and she has generosity of spirit. She’s not the most sophisticated or stylish woman, but she is comfortable in her own skin, and that’s really grace enough.

If this card is not a specific woman, then it represents practicality, security/stability and financial success. As an outcome card you can’t ask for better – it means that the outcome you desire is achievable. For women desiring to fall pregnant, she, like the Empress, is a definite yes.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knight of Pentacles

There are two ways to look at this knight. Between thought and action, we should always take a pause - to ensure we are doing the right thing. We should all look before we leap, check one last time, be certain. But sometimes in that pause between thought and action, we get stuck, and not finding 100% certainty, we never move. This knight can be either – the prudent pause, or the stuck one.

I look at this man and see him as all dressed up and nowhere to go… He has everything he needs, he has the right degree, the right experience, the right time, all he needs is to do is get in the car and move! But sometimes we get frozen and think we need something more – that it has to be perfect before we start, and of course the perfect conditions never arise. We can get lost in details and forget the big picture.

The inner child version portrays him aptly as the seeker of courage. In the very act of looking for courage, he proves that he has courage enough – but he needs to prove that to himself. When I see this Knight, usually I tell the person that they have everything they need, they just need to take the risk and take action.