Monday, January 31, 2011


As you read the cards, you realize it’s not the individual cards that count so much, it’s the pattern that appears – all major arcana? Something major is going on! All knights and no kings? All wands and no pentacles? All these mean something. I can’t tell you how often (and off the probability charts) Death is accompanied by either Judgment or the Wheel of Fortune.

Another aspect that has real meaning is the numbers. How many aces, how many twos etc are in your reading. Each number – Ace to 10, has a counterpart in the major arcana. For the next while I’m going to explore not the suit, but the number of the cards, and the implication that has…

Sometimes I come across someone who has said it so much better than I ever did – so here I am quoting Aeclectic Tarot Constellations: Tarot constellations are defined as all cards that carry the same prime number (prime numbers being the numbers one through nine). For the number four, the Tarot constellations would be the number Four card from each of the suits, the Emperor (which carries the number four), and Death (which carries the number thirteen, and reduces to the number four (1+3=4) ).

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