Monday, January 10, 2011

Queen of Pentacles

In my mind, the Queen of Pentacles is the sort of woman who likes to welcome people into her home and feed them really good soup. She’s nurturing but also pragmatic, down to earth and resourceful, but also warm and good humored. She’s a kind of earth mother: abundant and fertile.

Of all the Queens, she is the most interested in the home, hearth and motherhood. She is of the pentacles, so she’s good with money/finances, she enjoys luxury and she has generosity of spirit. She’s not the most sophisticated or stylish woman, but she is comfortable in her own skin, and that’s really grace enough.

If this card is not a specific woman, then it represents practicality, security/stability and financial success. As an outcome card you can’t ask for better – it means that the outcome you desire is achievable. For women desiring to fall pregnant, she, like the Empress, is a definite yes.

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