Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knight of Pentacles

There are two ways to look at this knight. Between thought and action, we should always take a pause - to ensure we are doing the right thing. We should all look before we leap, check one last time, be certain. But sometimes in that pause between thought and action, we get stuck, and not finding 100% certainty, we never move. This knight can be either – the prudent pause, or the stuck one.

I look at this man and see him as all dressed up and nowhere to go… He has everything he needs, he has the right degree, the right experience, the right time, all he needs is to do is get in the car and move! But sometimes we get frozen and think we need something more – that it has to be perfect before we start, and of course the perfect conditions never arise. We can get lost in details and forget the big picture.

The inner child version portrays him aptly as the seeker of courage. In the very act of looking for courage, he proves that he has courage enough – but he needs to prove that to himself. When I see this Knight, usually I tell the person that they have everything they need, they just need to take the risk and take action.

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