Thursday, May 27, 2010

As listed in today's AM New York






in NYC?

94 W. Houston

St., at W. Broadway,


June 4, Madame X,

6:30 p.m., FREE.

Guys should head out in

full force to this


singles/costume party, where

they’re sure to be in the minority.

Dress as your favorite character:

The best costume gets a session

with a relationship expert/tarot


I like AM New York's good advice to the guys,  to come to where the girls will be...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday June 4th - come and have some fun...

It's going to be a fun night - lots of cosmo's,  a light hearted talk about tarot,  dating,  sex and the city and life in new york.    And there's a door prize and the winner gets a free tarot reading with me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Nine of Cups

Here he sits, with all his cups behind him, so contented. I call this the ‘fat and happy’ card… it’s about getting what you want on the material level – the luxuries you want, the life style you want, the jobs you want. It’s about contentment and a certain smug satisfaction. It’s not about spiritual growth or wisdom, but it is about an easy delight in the here and now. Everyone is relieved when this card is the outcome, especially if there is a new venture afoot.

I like the Hello Kitty version, where not only have you won the trophy, but it’s the biggest one there! That’s a bit how the card feels, happy with that underlying edge of competitiveness. My only warning when getting this card is not to get too complacent or self centered, remember to share nicely, or the universe will find a way to remind you…

The pretty Inner child version is shows that how plentiful the universe is,  with many waterfalls to chose from, to fill the mermaids cup.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

8 of cups

I think of this card as the ‘moving on’ card. Not running away, not leaving with sadness, but having accomplished what you set out to do, it’s time to take a new risk, and move on - not as joyously as the Fool, but not as regrettfully as the 6 of swords either. The person in the card has accomplished something of substance, the cups are stacked solidly, but he walks away without a backward glance.

I get this card when people are really over the divorce, and ready to move on, or ready to change cities for that new job/new experience. I like the Party's over version, and the woman with the cups, though both these cards are sadder than the first one.


Monday, May 10, 2010

The Seven of Cups

I look at this card and think of it as a New York phenomenon – too much choice, too many options, too many possibilities. The answer is, as my wise mother used to say, you can have anything you want my darling, but you can’t have everything. People who want everything at once, get stymied or depressed when it doesn’t all come to fruition, and it can’t. People fantasize about having all the choices, but when that happens, you become aware that it’s some of the choices may not pan out, some choices will definitely be better than others and it becomes hard to find solid ground.

The Inner child has a totally different interpretation, and I actually read it like a completely different card. Instead of being dazzled and confused by choice, we see a mermaid, sitting and meditating, making every cup glow with inner wisdom and joy. She’s a card I love to see (and have seen it crossing the 4 of cups lately, and that’s such a good contrast, from fantasy to true meditation) Through meditation you can see the true value of something, and then choice is easy, you chose what is important to you let the rest fall away.

and this beautiful quilt by Joyce Hartley shows the female version of the rider waite choices.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gift Certificates

Quite a few pleople have told me that they are giving a reading with me as a gift,  and a woman I had done a reading for recently asked if I could provide a gift certificate.  So I've just designed a (basic) gift certificate,  which you can purchase and give to friends and family.   Thanks to her for her inspiration and I'm pleased to be able to offer gift certificates if you have need...

6 of cups

This is a complex card, which can have very different meanings depending on where it falls in the reading. It’s a card showing two children, one older than the other, exchanging a gift. It implies nostalgia or gifts from childhood. It’s a card about the small joys of childhood, and how those memories can warm us. Twice lately I’ve found this card in layouts for school teachers. This is card reminding us what children can teach us, and also what our past can teach us. 

But sometimes it’s about being childlike in a situation which requires more adult or astute reactions. Don’t let nostalgia for ‘the good old days’ or rose colored glasses prevent you from seeing the present accurately.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I’ve had a bit of trouble writing up the 6 of cups and I realized I felt locked in.  I want to stress that while all the cards have stand alone meanings, it’s when find their place in the layout that their true significance comes out. I’ve read the 6 of cups in so many different ways, depending on where it was placed and which cards were sitting next to it, and that is true of all the cards.  I love sending these links to people after a reading,  but sometimes what I've said to them,  and what the blog says,  are subtly different.

So that’s what I want to write about today – that while I explore meanings here, it’s really how the cards blend, how they reflect upon each other that affects the reading. I’ve had cards come up in what I think of as ‘common distributions’ - situations that I've seen before. And then I’ve had cards come up in pairings I’ve never seen before, which makes me look really deeply at what the cards are trying to tell me. So, like the beams of light falling on each other, causing different colors to appear, the cards reflect against each other, giving different shades of meaning.