Monday, May 10, 2010

The Seven of Cups

I look at this card and think of it as a New York phenomenon – too much choice, too many options, too many possibilities. The answer is, as my wise mother used to say, you can have anything you want my darling, but you can’t have everything. People who want everything at once, get stymied or depressed when it doesn’t all come to fruition, and it can’t. People fantasize about having all the choices, but when that happens, you become aware that it’s some of the choices may not pan out, some choices will definitely be better than others and it becomes hard to find solid ground.

The Inner child has a totally different interpretation, and I actually read it like a completely different card. Instead of being dazzled and confused by choice, we see a mermaid, sitting and meditating, making every cup glow with inner wisdom and joy. She’s a card I love to see (and have seen it crossing the 4 of cups lately, and that’s such a good contrast, from fantasy to true meditation) Through meditation you can see the true value of something, and then choice is easy, you chose what is important to you let the rest fall away.

and this beautiful quilt by Joyce Hartley shows the female version of the rider waite choices.

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