Monday, May 3, 2010


I’ve had a bit of trouble writing up the 6 of cups and I realized I felt locked in.  I want to stress that while all the cards have stand alone meanings, it’s when find their place in the layout that their true significance comes out. I’ve read the 6 of cups in so many different ways, depending on where it was placed and which cards were sitting next to it, and that is true of all the cards.  I love sending these links to people after a reading,  but sometimes what I've said to them,  and what the blog says,  are subtly different.

So that’s what I want to write about today – that while I explore meanings here, it’s really how the cards blend, how they reflect upon each other that affects the reading. I’ve had cards come up in what I think of as ‘common distributions’ - situations that I've seen before. And then I’ve had cards come up in pairings I’ve never seen before, which makes me look really deeply at what the cards are trying to tell me. So, like the beams of light falling on each other, causing different colors to appear, the cards reflect against each other, giving different shades of meaning.

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