Monday, May 24, 2010

Nine of Cups

Here he sits, with all his cups behind him, so contented. I call this the ‘fat and happy’ card… it’s about getting what you want on the material level – the luxuries you want, the life style you want, the jobs you want. It’s about contentment and a certain smug satisfaction. It’s not about spiritual growth or wisdom, but it is about an easy delight in the here and now. Everyone is relieved when this card is the outcome, especially if there is a new venture afoot.

I like the Hello Kitty version, where not only have you won the trophy, but it’s the biggest one there! That’s a bit how the card feels, happy with that underlying edge of competitiveness. My only warning when getting this card is not to get too complacent or self centered, remember to share nicely, or the universe will find a way to remind you…

The pretty Inner child version is shows that how plentiful the universe is,  with many waterfalls to chose from, to fill the mermaids cup.

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