Monday, November 16, 2009

Heeding the call to Judgment...

Judgment is such a complicated card, and the resurrection imagery of the Rider Waite card can scare some people off. Judgment is about hearing the trumpet call, and responding. There is a new energy in your life. It’s about awakenings and rebirths. If you are worried about changes and get this card, then your worries are over. It signals a good time for career moves, a new energy, new vitality and clarity.

It’s about hearing a call and releasing old guilts and sorrows – forgiving yourself and others. It’s a great card for therapy breakthroughs, moving from knowing something intellectually to truly knowing it at an emotional level. I love the story of the wolf and the pigs, here, finally, safely in their brick home, having built something substantial that can truly protect them.

It is also about making profound decisions in your life. Is it time to move – from a bad marriage? To a new job? To a different country? This is not the small stuff, but rather the huge life changing events. If you feel drawn in a new direction, and you get this card, then you should definitely follow your inner conviction.
I really like the seed imagery here, Judgment being the small kernel unfolding, creating a new life…

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