Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Journey Continues…

I’m so thrilled we’ve gone through the Major Arcana!.

Now, we face the 56 other cards, the Minor Arcana (sometimes referred to as pips) 40 cards in four different suits of ten — traditionally wands, cups, swords and coins, and 16 court cards of four per suite – traditionally the page, knight, queen, and king.

And here I pause, uncertain which way to go. There are different ways to read the minor arcana – some focus more on the suites, others on the numbers (did you get all wands, did you get all fours…) and which way should I start describing it? Do I start with Kings and work my way down, or start with Aces and work my way up? I’ve been focusing so much on the court cards in my own personal reading on Tarot right now. Do I go there with you (though it’s probably a lot more than you want to know!) or do I go in a more ordered fashion?

Well, despite being intuitive and loving the creativity of the cards, when I learn something, I really need order and systems. So I’ll keep reading away, but I’ll structure this blog in a more orderly fashion. After a brief introduction of the suites, I’ll start going through them, from Ace to King, and afterwards (in a year or so) we can focus on cross currents, and look at the numbers and other aspects of the Tarot. So pleased to be thinking of still writing this in a few years time!

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