Thursday, January 21, 2010

Six of Wands

Some cards pass by my hands all the time, others more infrequently. I don’t often see this card – which is a shame, because it’s a fine card to get - it is celebrating a victory, acknowledging an accomplishment. You are getting recognition, collecting the prize, having beaten the competition…

Then I realized that I find it more often, but in the inner child format, where they are celebrating around a maypole. Funny how that works… some cards turn up more in each pack… I like this version better because it feels more like shared joy, rather than an individual triumphing over others.

I chose the hello kitty one, because it’s more playful - perhaps the first image is too war like for me and here it brings it down to earth, to the joy of winning a tournament, that heady feeling of triumph, which lasts … till the next go round of games! So this card is about victory and the self esteem that goes with that. The shadow side of the 6 of wands is about needing victory to feel validated (turning everything into a battle) or becoming too self confident and not facing facts clearly.

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