Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eight of Wands

This is a trickier card, with the wands flying through the air. It shows that lots of things are up in the air, nothing quite coming to ground yet. Some people find this more positive than I do, talking about clear skies, and speed. I guess I can’t see what it’s building yet, and often find this card with squandered energy.

This card shows the wands closer to earth but we still don’t know if it’s positive or negative, the woman looks perplexed, all this energy rushing towards me, what am I meant to do with it? Certainly, the theme of speed and rushing is here, but are we crossing the finishing line first or fools rushing in? This is a card where the context really matters and how I read it depends on what other cards are around.

I find the Inner Child card a more positive image because wands are a fire energy card, and all those sticks in the air worry me. But here, the sticks are pointing into the fire, and a group looks like it’s banding together to make something happen.

This final image is the one I find most satisfying, giving me both the rushing through the air feeling and also the fiery energy of the wands. This looks to me like my arrows are hitting home, and my energy will get me what I want.

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