Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nine of Wands

I see this card as winning the battle but counting the costs. The image is of man, successfully defending his terrain, but bandaged and clearly weary. I often get this card in work situations, and then I’ll say, ‘You’ve been defending your turf, but it’s getting to you.’ And they nod emphatically. This is one of the easier cards in the Tarot for people to interpret for themselves!

In the Inner Child cards I wonder if the fairy is opening the gate, closing the gate or peeking over it. Are we defending the right thing? Have we got a turf war going over paperclips (trust me, it happens) Can we look over the fence and see what the opposition looks like? There is a pause here, and in it we can decide if this is a fight worth having, or can we walk away, or even walk through the gate and get to some other side…

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