Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Court Cards

Before we start with the specifics of the Court Wands, I just want to have a little blurb about the Court Cards in general. The court cards are us and our family or the important people in our lives – the youth, the brother/sister and the mother/father. Or the child, teen and adult, or the aspects of ourselves that need to grow or are all grown up.

I often find the court cards are more complex to read than other cards. Who are they and what do they mean for the querent? (you!) The way I read the cards, most cards represent an aspect of you, but the court cards are the most obvious cards to refer to someone else. If we see the King of Cups hovering on the possible outcome cards, we are talking about an adult, a lover who is around but not quite there yet, and we spend the rest of the reading figuring out how to draw him in. If you are a Queen and your partner is a Page, there is an obvious disparity in power and maturity and needs to be looked at. I find a wealth of information in the court cards, where they fall, who they are next to, how many of them are in the reading. They are not the easiest cards to summarize here, because they can mean so many things.

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