Thursday, February 18, 2010

Page of Wands

So who is this Page of Wands?

If the page is a child, then this is one of those Duracell kids, who never runs out of energy, who loves exploring and adventures and often gets so caught up that they don’t come home on time. The Page is a Tom Sawyer kind of boy who gets into all kinds of mischief but has no real malice in him.

If the page is referring to an adult, it means s/he gets enthused but isn’t always able to complete what s/he starts. You can get frustrated with the adult page’s energy: it’s a restless, sort of finding itself space, making mistakes in order to grow and mature.

I love the Inner Child version, which shows the character from the Little Prince, flying joyously. If you have the little Prince’s energy and wisdom, you are doing better than most!

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