Sunday, May 1, 2011


Whenever I read for someone with a tattoo, I always ask them what it means for them. I’m fascinated by tattoos, by the idea of putting something indelibly on your flesh and carrying it for the rest of your life.

One of the waiters at Kitchenette, a charming restaurant where I often do readings, had the 3 of swords tattooed on his arm, (I should have photographed it at the time!) and I said to him that’s a hard card to carry and he said it reminded him of a hard lesson and a mistake he won’t make again. Sometimes a way to let the pain go is to honor it… Personally I would rather have the Empress on my arm!

So I was thinking what would I get tattooed? I often think of getting ‘in the end, only kindness matters’ on the nape of my neck.

What would you get tattooed?

While looking for the best images, I came across
tattoosday, - lots of great images and stories there, and Check out my ink - less stories, but more images. (I like the ones with stories best)

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