Thursday, August 5, 2010

6 of Swords

When I see this card I always think of moving on with sorrow, a forced letting go. It often comes when a relationship is over, but ended by the other person. I also see it when there has been a death in the family. As the boat moves forward, the future is not yet visible but the past is definitively over. The hope lies in when we accept that we have to move on, smoother waters lie ahead. It is only when we try to cling to the past, that we get depressed and feel directionless.

Cheryl Lynn Bradley has an interesting slant on this card when she writes: I think of this card as turning your back on humiliation, gossip and bullying and finding the peace of mind to move forward to new and better days. We have all had the negative experiences … that can leave us feeling powerless, abused, intensely angered and humiliated. Sometimes the only real action we can take is to attempt to say what we think and feel, and to walk away clean. Very often the source of our humiliation or despair won't be impacted by anything we may say, no matter how clearly we can articulate our emotional pain or the circumstance which has created it. Sometimes the only choice is to move forward.

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