Monday, September 6, 2010

8 of swords

A woman stands, eyes bound, surrounded by swords. When people draw this card they are feeling fenced in, trapped, bound. They are unsure how to get out, they feel overwhelmed or powerless. I tell people that the situation would be made so much easier if they shrugged off the bindings and let themselves look clearly. In fact, she could walk out; it is the feeling of entrapment that holds her tight. This is a situation where the persons own fears or anxieties are holding them in, but they could leave it if they were willing to take the risk to do so (which I know, is much easier said than done!)

The Inner Child take a slightly different spin: here we are in the dark, with the spiders, but also with friends or people on a similar journey, and if we just follow the light, we can get out. It requires effort but it’s not insurmountable, and the fact that others are walking with us makes it easier. As always, finding good people to share a journey, even a difficult one, makes it easier.

Here too,  there are swords and danger (she could cut her feet!) but there is also movment.  The worst thing about feeling trapped is paralysis,  and taking off the blindfold,  even if we then see things we don't want to see (and can no longer deny) will definitely help us navigate out of here...

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