Monday, September 27, 2010

Queen of Swords

The Queen of swords is a mature adult, not girlish at all! She is intellectual, strong willed and can cut through the nonsense. She likes clarity and knowing where everyone stands. She is scrupulously fair, and often detached – not emotional or clingy. She is armed and capable, but not defensive - she still has one hand that can reach out and connect. She is a private person, and doesn’t give intimacy easily. Independence is very important to her.

I really like this description from the Intuitive Tarot site: “The Queen of Swords is able to allow others to go through their necessary life lessons without the need to take care of everything.”

Her shadow side is that she can appear (or actually be) cold rather than detached, and superior rather than analytical. She doesn’t suffer fools easily and her criticisms can be cutting. If her intellectual edge leaves her, she can feel overwhelmed by emotion.

And of course, like all swords, she learns through suffering, and life can cut deep.

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