Sunday, September 19, 2010

Page of Swords

O these swords… the gift of the swords are that they are intellectual, analytical and forthright. But they learn through pain.

So the page of swords, standing with some energy and gusto, has to learn his lessons the hard way. He doesn’t want to follow the map, he wants to find out for himself. When you draw this card, life is sending you some challenges. This is an opportunity for self knowledge and growth.

I love the Inner child version, which shows Pinocchio, looking at himself in the mirror. It’s time to ask, who is pulling my strings, and before I worry about lies I tell to others, let me worry about lies I tell to myself… This is a time to look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge exactly what is going on.

The shadow side of the swords is when you refuse to learn, arrogantly asserting that you know it all. It about not being logical or forthright,  but stuck in adolescent certainty.

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