Saturday, October 2, 2010

the magic of tarot

I do 2 -3 readings a day, (more than 3 and I start to babble!) and every so often something happens that is so amazing it just makes the hairs on my arm stand up...

So today I was doing a reading, and I always ask for the cards to be shuffled and then cut once, with the non dominant hand. And the very nice girl cut twice and gave me the cards and as I pulled them out I just felt wrong, so I said to her, no, you cut twice, I only ask people to cut once... So I gathered up the three cards, she shuffled the cards, really she did, and then cut once and the SAME IDENTICAL three cards came out.

The three of us looked at each other (thankfully her friend was there to witness the event) and I laughed and said, you're starting to freak me out! Clearly they were the cards that were meant to be read!

My immediate conclusion was that she is strongly psychic herself, and she needs to look into that. I haven't seen that done before, ever.

So here it was, today's magic moment with the cards...

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