Thursday, October 28, 2010

four of pentacles

When I look at this card I always think of two things: ‘holding on’ and ‘not enough’. This is not about how much money you actually have, but rather how you feel about it. You may have millions but you feel that you need more. You want to keep what you have, you want to be in charge, you fear change, you want control. But of course by giving it so much energy, it is starting to control you.

It’s not always about money, often it’s about maintaining the status quo – you want to keep the situation as is, to keep things static, hold on to the past. And that won’t happen either. So this is a card is warning of future unhappiness. You can’t keep hold of everything, not even the good, and if you try, you are doomed to fail.

I love the sulky cat image, because it’s a clear view of what will happen if we persist with this energy – we turn into this cat, and who wants that!

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