Friday, October 15, 2010

Two of Pentacles

This is such a New York card – it shows the juggle, the flow of life in the city. Balls are in the air, the energy is good and you are grounded but moving. It’s that sense of fast paced life in the city, and it’s all working.

The see saw image shows the same thing, of course there will be ups and downs, but they are within reasonable constraints, and you are having fun, with the game of life.

The Deviant Moon version, shows it as a dance - shows you being flexible, responsive, moving at just the right time.

So if you get this card, you are in the flow or the zone, making it happen for yourself. The shadow side of this card is when we worry that we will drop one of the balls, that it is unstable and all too much. Sometimes we want things to remain fixed in space and time - but we have to remember that change is the only constant, and with that knowledge, we can go back to the juggle of life…

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