Monday, October 4, 2010

King of swords

The King has all the strengths and the weaknesses of the swords. He is intellectual, discriminating and fair. He has a keen edge, and a dry sense of humor. He can be detached; he likes to look at the facts, and doesn’t like to factor in emotions.

He likes to work with information/data and analyze problems. He provides clarity in complicated situations. He takes time to formulate an opinion and then sticks to it. He doesn’t like to be challenged, though his innate fairness will make him listen. He values ideas, and wants others to value them too.

The Inner Child version emphasizes his passion for justice, idealism and correcting the world’s ills. The King of Swords can be highly ethical and tries to live to very high standards.

His shadow side is when he becomes cruel with his cutting wit, and cold or critical with his detachment. If he is not careful, he can value his ideals above the people in his life, which can make him unforgiving.

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