Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Keep a Copy of your Significant Cards close by.

The Empress is one of my favorite cards,  glowing with possibilities,  fertile,  able to give birth to new ventures,  new life plans,  new babies.  So when people draw it, I often tell them to find the version of the card that they most like,  and use it as their phone wall paper,  or on their computer,  somewhere where they will see it often and be reminded of her energy. 

Of course,  I tell people to do this with other significant cards too,  I’m just using the Empress as an example here. When I was first learning the cards, there were far fewer options, but today there are so many amazing versions of each card, and some will definitely speak to you more than others.

So if you get a particularly significant card, look it up on Google Images or Pintrest.  Read my blog piece,  or anyone else’s blog piece about it,  and keep it close to you.  Let the energy feed you and you’ll get there quicker…

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