Sunday, April 12, 2015

Want to know what your future holds..

Tarot explores the present to see how it colors the future.  It can’t answer questions about the future without addressing the here and now.  Especially when dealing with complex issues – love, relationships, work quests - what we are doing now really creates the future.

I did a reading for a woman recently who kept saying,  yes, yes,  I know all this,  but when will my love life change,  when will the perfect man come?  She didn’t want to explore her patterns; she just wanted a different outcome.

But without seeing the patterns, she didn’t know how to break them…  The future is cooking now, if you want to change the future, we need to see what ingredients we are putting in, and modify them; otherwise, the same meal will appear.

Beautiful artworks by Giedra Purlyte-Mazrimiene

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