Thursday, April 30, 2015

A new way to see the Page of Cups

Every so often I am wandering about the internet and I come across an image that just speaks to me,  and lets me see a card in a new way.

Traditionally,  the page looks into his cup and sees a fish - something unexpected,  something more creative,  someone who is out of the box.  The Page of Cups doesn't always fit in with everyone else's expectations,  but that's okay,  because he can dream up his own.

And I looked at this, and saw the mermaid talking to the bird and thought what a beautiful,  feminine version of the page of cups.  I don't know who drew this or if they knew anything of the tarot at all (that's what happens when you go fishing in the internet, all provenance is lost... ) but it just reminded me so sweetly of this card,  that I thought I would share it with you,  and if any one draws the Page of Cups in an important position,  they can see this and it might help them better feel the energy of the card.

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