Monday, April 13, 2015

Fears for the Future

When I watched the excellent movie Her, it was all of my fears for the future, writ large.  It’s essentially a film about people becoming more attracted to their intuitive phone systems than to other, unreliable people. And why wouldn’t you be attached to something that is always available to you,  always interested,  and has no needs of its own, is only a programed need to serve you. 

And then I saw this really interesting ted talk the other day - where Sherry Turkle talks about her fears of how people are losing the art of conversation, of talking with uncomfortable pauses and a lack of control over what happens next, that text and email preempts.

One thing I love about readings is the focus of them. There are no phones, no distractions.  It’s a conversation that is alive and present.   This is of value to me, and to those who come to me, who often comment on how they feel heard, and seen, in a way that doesn’t happen often to them.

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