Thursday, June 17, 2010

Page of Cups

The young man looks into a cup and sees… a fish!

If this card refers to a person - he’s creative, looks outside the box, and has a great imagination. He’s the sort of kid you send out to sell a cow and comes back with 3 magic beans, kind and sweet, but not always thinking things through. He can have his head in the clouds and you might have to yank him to get his feet back on the ground. He is idealistic and sweet, and distractible, but things usually work out just fine for him.

If this card refers to a situation, if it’s a new job, things won’t always be as clear cut as you would like it, but there is a chance for creative expression, for trying new things.

The shadow side of the card is it’s sensitivity - It can also refer to a situation where people are emotional and getting their feelings hurt all the time, where you feel you have to walk on eggshells.

I love the inner child version – so many people feel themselves as goldilocks, on the outside, looking in. In this card the page is searching for his/her place in the universe.

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