Friday, May 8, 2009

The Empress rules

I’m far more drawn to the Empress than the High Priestess (which probably says far more about me than the cards!) I find her one of the easiest cards to interpret correctly, no matter where she falls.

The Empress is the earth mother – often in tarot cards she’s drawn as pregnant – and she is pregnant – with ideas, with creativity, with the very fundamentals of creation.

Of course, Mothers can smother as well as mother – so the Mother Goose aspect, too fretful, too concerned, not giving space, also works for her. Giving birth is also about letting go…

But like all women, when she’s good she’s very, very good. When people are worried about whether relationships or jobs will prosper, the Empress is a very good assurance. It tells you that you can have whatever you want from your new romance, new business, new creative venture, but that it’s still in utero, and needs time to gestate. Take baby steps and give it time to grow, and you’ll get what you want (and who doesn’t want to hear that in a reading!)

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