Monday, April 27, 2009

Following the High Priestess

If you do enough readings, it follows that after a while, every card should turn up equally. But as I mentioned in the previous blog, Tarot is not about the odds; and if you live in a place like New York, certain energies flow more freely. I don’t actually get the High Priestess in a lot of my readings - which kind of makes sense - she’s opaque feminine energy, the yin to the Magician’s yang. Where he’s all chatter and motion, she’s meditative and mysterious. I see Manhattan as a very Magician kind of place, so I'm not surprised that the High Priestess would appear less often here.

She’s all about things like the Tarot – arcane mysteries, psychic energies, secret knowledge and insights. She knows things about you and your life that are not always clear to you. And when she appears in a reading, some of that knowledge is about to be revealed. Once in a reading a girl got it and I talked about quiet introspection and new knowledge being revealed and she just frowned and said she was all excited about being reunited with her large family at a cousins wedding, and it was going to be all noisy and social. So the reading didn’t go all that well. But later she contacted me (thank you, thank you – I love it when people email me to clarify or tell me how readings are unfolding!) and told me all sorts of family secrets came out during that wedding, so while it wasn’t at all quiet or mysterious, it was certainly all about secrets that she, for one, had never suspected.

In the normal course of events, when I see the High Priestess I tell people to slow down, things are getting too hectic and they need more quiet time. Listen to your intuition, meditate.
But if I get it in a complicated relationship spread, I warn about using secrets for control, about emotional blackmail.

The High Priestess is that unique feminine wisdom, but it’s the wisdom of the moon, cool and detached (unlike the empress, the next card who is all warm and fertile) The inner child cards actually warm her up to make her the Fairy godmother, power but with limitations, knowledge, but not always given to you...

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