Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Puppy Love

I had a reading the other day where a woman told me of a new man she was dating.  His biggest sadness after his last break up was losing custody of the dog, and my client,  who volunteered at a shelter,  offered to find him one. She came across the perfect pup and he met her and brought the dog home.  They have been dating for about 6 months now,  he’s had the dog for around 4 months,  and she said that she knows this is irrational,  but one of the things that just goes right to her heart is how easily and often he says “I love you” to the puppy,  when he has never said it to her.  And I smiled at her and said “but he owns the dog.  He knows that puppy isn’t going anywhere!”

Humans are so much more complicated, harder to approach, easier to betray, can prioritize work or family or other foolish things above you.  Dogs are simple things to love.  Though feeling love and saying it, even if it is to a puppy, is at least good practice at expressing emotions.  The cards liked him, and she likes him very much, and we are hopeful that he will speak to her soon of love…

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