Thursday, February 26, 2015

Following and feeling part of it all...

I've been following Humans of New York since it's early days in early 2011,  when a mere 2000 people would like it almost immediately.

Since then it has stretched to new heights,  doing an amazing piece of visiting distressed areas around the world for the UN, and most recently,  Brandon visited a school in New York,  Mott Hall Bridges Academy,  and highlighted the exceptional people working there.  It culminated with Brandon photographing the principal Ms Lopez, and Vidal, the student who started it all,  with President Obama!

I feel oddly proud of Brandon's accomplishments,  as if by witnessing them I am part of them.  The Mott Hall school story has been picked up by the Atlantic Magazine - another favorite of mine.  It's like all my favorite people got together to support each other!

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