Friday, February 13, 2015


What if you put up a picture and nobody likes it? 
I was thinking about this.  I put up a picture and it got 64 likes, the most any photo of mine had ever received, and I thought, does this make it a better photo? If I loved an image and put it up and it got no likes, would that make it less beautiful to me? There is something subtly corrupting about trying to garner likes,  so that images that spoke to us, and only to us,  appear to become less valuable,  and images that we kind of liked and put up and everyone liked – are they more special now?

I’m a bit curmudgeonly, in that I like to like things I think are unique; if everyone likes it, it loses some of its luster for me.   So if only a few people like your picture, hold it closer to your heart, it means only a few get it,  but those few get you… and better to have a few close, true friends, than a thousand acquaintances.

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