Friday, February 6, 2015

Vaccinations - science and superstition

It may sound odd, a tarot card reader warning against superstition.  But I’m a very pragmatic sort of new age believer, and indeed, many new age beliefs just don’t work for me at all.   I believe in spiritual cleansings, but not more than I believe in the power of hot water and soap. And I do believe that sometimes the tide of energy is just against us, but then we have to see the pattern and navigate through it. At all times, we must harness our intellect, to wend our way through the world.

People who have decided not to vaccinate, because they are scared of “toxins” have just created a fearful word and then try to magically avoid it.  What they appear not to acknowledge is so many that so many things have toxins in them,  they are impossible to avoid.  The entire idea of immunity is to build up our own reservoirs of reaction to infection, so that the next time the virus comes at us, we have some immunity to it.  Want to know more about the science – go to a reputable medical website or book     
We all desire to protect our children,  but we need to use our heads as well as our hearts,  it can't be all chaos and feelings,  we need order and science as well...

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