Monday, August 27, 2012

What the cards tell me...

Here is a sample of how I work.  A client asks me about a man she is seeing, I quickly tell her to give me no details, just tell me his name and shuffle the cards, thinking about him.

She draws:  9 wands / tower / ace pentacles / 5 swords / 10 wands

I said it was a struggle all along, but you were doing ok and then it was the tower, something terrible, destructive, he was unfaithful.  Now he is offering a fresh start, trying to make her buy in, but if she does, he will let her down again and eat her energy.  She looks at me, and said:  That’s exactly what’s happening. 

So the cynical amongst you could say, well everyone coming to you has that sort of problem.  So here are the cards for the next reading when a different woman asked about her relationship:-

And I said, he’s a good man,  a stable man, a good husband,  you are happy,  warm in the sun, but there is a pang at the end,  the happy ever after, you,  2 kids, the rainbow,  it’s upside down.  And she said, you are right, we are happy, he is good, but he doesn’t want kids.  If he wanted kids I’d have them, but I’m okay with his choice, I’m happy with him, but there is that twinge…

I didn’t know anything about either woman; I just read the cards they drew…

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