Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Empowering Yourself

There is a wise saying which is that you teach what you most need to learn…

So I’m here to confront my issues with technology.  The other day the wireless mouse simply stopped working.  I fiddled and faddled and it made no difference so I waited for either my son or my husband to come home and knew that they could fix it. My son took one look, took the mouse away and brought it back working.  He knew the battery had died because the blue light was off… Now why didn’t I know that?

The next week the computer did some weird frozen thing and I was impatient and angry and knew that when my son or husband came home,  they would fix it,  but really… why was I becoming so reliant on them,  why couldn’t I act for myself?  I talk about facing challenges and shifting energies, but I was becoming trapped in my technological incompetence.  So I said ‘imagine there is only you, you have to find the solution... now take a manageable risk’ - and so I did.  And I fixed it. 

When you force yourself to move out of your comfort zone,  your comfort zone starts to expand, and that can only be a good thing!

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