Monday, September 24, 2012

Hearing from Lurkers

Recently I’ve had a few emails that start with ‘I’ve been reading you for years and I’ve just now contacted you…’
Firstly, I’m really thrilled that people have been reading this blog for years.  I put a lot of love and attention in it and am so pleased that people are returning to read it again and again.
Fall Flowers 2 by Karen Riehm

Secondly, there is no need to lurk.   If you read and have some thoughts, you can put them in the comments or write to me directly.

Listening to the Little Man in my Stomacy by Marisa
And finally – readings are not scary things!  Of course sometimes we hear things we don’t want to – one client recently said it was like looking in the mirror, and seeing things clearly.  There’s no hiding in the reading. But it’s not frightening or intimidating.  It’s a way of seeing where you are putting your energy right now, seeing what is blocked and what is flowing, and what you need to do to change or ensure that things keep going the way you want…

Morning Tea Tray by E Sharp
I’ve just opened some new time slots – I am now doing readings at 10 am two mornings a week, so my wait time has shortened and I’m seeing people in about 6 weeks – so drop me a line and we can meet in November.
Enjoy the coming fall and I look forward to hearing from other ‘lurkers’. 

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