Thursday, September 13, 2012

Psychic Challenge

A while ago I stumbled across this show – America’s Psychic Challenge.   It’s the standard reality competition format, whittling down contestants, but the challenges were psychic ones.  I was immediately fascinated.  We watched, and one challenge was that the contestants (all working psychics) were brought to a car park and told that one of the cars had a living person in the trunk, could they take them to it.  My husband looked at me questioningly and I laughed and said no, I have no idea which car it was, that’s not my skill!  And indeed some of the contestants stumbled around but one woman just walked forward without hesitation and led them to the correct car.

In a later episode, the challenge was that they were taken to a hotel room – and asked what happened here.  Most people said someone died, some people said they didn’t die on the bed, but rather on the floor (the correct spot) but one woman said I see the letter J and the name Annie – and it was where Janis Joplin died.  I was amazed and delighted.  My husband the skeptic said, well, why didn’t she just say Janis?
Teo Alponso
I think everyone is psychic, like everyone can sing or everyone can draw. Some people are natural wild talents, some people can be trained to a certain level of competence and some people are tone deaf, but most people have some innate skill – but it’s not a precise skill, like finding the name Janis;  instead it’s a swirl of intuition,  like using music to describe a taste.  You get senses and feelings that often easier to explain in retrospect.   And in that way we teach ourselves to ignore our intuition, or to doubt it, and it gets quieter and rustier…    But if we the more we listen to our intuition, the more we honor it, the stronger and clearer it grows.

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  1. Very interesting. In a related matter, I was HOOKED on Long Island Medium on Netflix recently. Watched all available episodes in a very short amount of time. I believe in mediums and Teresa is amazing.