Monday, October 1, 2012

Work questions

The New York Times has a column The Corner Office, where they ask business leaders about leadership and management. 

In an interview with Chris Barbin,  he mentioned One of my favorite interview questions is, “What are you most proud of?” It’s a fascinating question if you just end it there. People will say, “Well, what do you mean, in business?” And I’ll just say, “No, what are you proud of?” You can always tell when people kind of make-up answers to impress you. Another one is, “What do you stink at?” Some people will say, “Oh, I take on too much and I work too hard.” Then I’ll say: “That’s a pretty common answer. Give me something better.”

I speak to a lot of people about work changes, and I think these are good things to think about before the interview, but they are also interesting things to think about life.
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