Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Ruth Schembri,  Synchronicity

The cards are all about synchronicities, seeing the patterns and energies that are going on in your life. But I find odd synchronicity between the readings as well as within them.  In the past two days I saw a Lisa,  Elizabeth and a Liz.  Well, it’s a common name, but I find that names often clump together.  I saw two Heidis in the same day. Last week I got confused when a woman kept emailing the same question but then realized I was dealing with three different Erin’s making inquiries.

Barbara Takenaga,  Abstracts

And then the readings go in themes too.   I rarely hear about unplanned pregnancies and suddenly get 3 in a week.   Even jobs come in patterns, for a while there it seemed like everyone I was seeing was a teacher.  Lately everyone has been designing an ap.  It just fascinates me, seeing the connections everywhere…

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