Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unequal Loving

When people ask about love, the card they want to see is the Lovers card.  But the love card I like best is the 2 of cups.  Sometimes when we are young, to feel safe, we want the other person to love us more than we love them; or to feel that this is a grand experience, we want someone to adore. But a mature love is when both people put the same amount of energy into the relationship, which is what the 2 of cups symbolizes for me.

Recently I had a reading where a good man loved my client, but she didn’t love him back, and the more he loved her, the less she could breathe.  I said that just because someone has feelings for you, you are not obligated to return them. You don’t have to love someone back.  What you do have to do is be kind, and treat them gently, but their feelings don’t make them deserve you. 
I’ve given several readings for people who have told me it’s easier to be the unrequited lover, than be the one who doesn’t love back.  If you are offering something beautiful and they don’t take it… then that’s their problem.  But what if someone is offering you something beautiful but you don’t want it… it’s hard to say no without feeling guilty. It’s hard to say no when they want it so much, but just because they want it, doesn’t mean it is right for you…

That’s why I find the Two of Cups so beautiful – when both lovers are putting the same amount of energy into the relationship, creating a perfect balance.

Last picture,  Blooming Wisteria, by Aida Markiw

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