Monday, June 1, 2015

Transfering energy

So I was a bit grumpy when went to the gym today and met with a substitute teacher with the most beautiful smile,  named Sandra. She made us bop and dance through some excellent music (we both agreed afterwards that the music is everything,  even good steps/workout with bad music just doesn't work)  but really it was her energy infusing the room. 

I felt like an energy vampire,  seeing her joyous vibrant energy and taking it into me. Afterwards I made that passing comment to another woman and she said that she felt exactly the same thing!  So we are good vampires,  taking energy from those who have it to share,  and letting it lift us up... 

I can do the same at some readings - share my energy with them,  lifting them up.  In a good reading,  the energy exchange is mutual,  and we both walk out energized and optimistic.

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