Thursday, May 28, 2015

What do the cards bring

I have worked as a psychotherapist in both London and Sydney, and often wished I could bring my cards into a session there.  I never did, (the hospitals I worked in would not have like it) but I’ve always thought that a good deep tarot reading can cut through 6 months of therapy. The cards don’t lie, and they don’t hide. Often people tell me that they hadn’t planned to talk about an issue, but the cards just brought it up...

The cards also talk about the difference between one offs and patterns.  Sometimes when asking about love the cards indicate that you are in a repetitive cycle, and that while this person is very different from the last, the pattern of the relationship is the same. 
Sometimes the cards show that this man is the exception, and he is not good for you but other men have been and will be again. 
Sometimes the cards say that this relationship is worth investing time and energy in, that even though nothing can be guaranteed, the cards like him, like the energy he is bringing into your life. 
All this is something I couldn’t necessarily tell from one therapy session, but the cards always know…

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