Monday, May 18, 2015

Which Tarot Deck do I use for your reading?

People often ask me which Tarot Decks I prefer.  I own several, but the one I use most consistently for readings is the Rider Waite Deck.  It’s the most popular one, the one that many books are based on – and many other tarot designs play off.  I replace my deck about once a year or sooner if I see they are getting frayed.   I actually use the Rider Waite Radiant, which is identical to the traditional Rider Waite deck but with prettier/brighter colors.

If you are very familiar with the Rider Waite, you might find the New Vision deck by Lo Scarabeo charming – it shows the expected Rider Waite drawings, but from behind, giving them a cheekier perspective.

I love that there are so many variations out there, so many different perspectives to see.  Above is the wonderful Housewives Tarot.  That devil card is perfect!

I have been doing more and more skype readings lately.  I still need you to shuffle the cards, so I encourage people to buy or borrow a deck, then they do the shuffling and lay out and I do the interpretation.  It doesn’t matter to me which deck people use but if you are new to tarot, then the Rider Waite is usually the best place to start.

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