Tuesday, June 16, 2015

When do you give up on the dream?

Sometimes people come to me with a big dream, they want an extraordinary life, they want fame and fortune.  And why shouldn’t they? These are the golden benchmarks of our culture.  But the dream is not unfolding in the way they would like; there are frustrations and serious setbacks. 
I am very pragmatic when it comes to this and ask hard questions, but I really trust the cards, because they are often very explicit in these situations.   I spoke to a charming girl in her 20’s and the cards just said no, she is not going to pay the rent with art, and I spoke gently about alternatives,  keeping painting but looking for something else to sustain her till her portfolio builds.  She was not happy with this reading,  but I have to say what I see in the cards,  otherwise,  what is the point of coming to see me?

I read for a bubbly 38 year old and the cards were consistently positive about her desire to act, and I said keep trying.  Of course, sometimes you are ready to hear bad news; sometimes the break really is just around the corner.  What we really want to know is if we are on the right path,  learning the lessons we need to learn.

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